Membership Information

Members of the OGSA and those wishing to be members must

  • wish to further the objectives of the OGSA,
  • represent graduate students of an institute that carries out a part of its operations in Ontario,
  • pay an annual due as set by the directors,
  • receive the approval of the directors of the OGSA
  • and enter into a membership agreement with the OGSA


How Membership Works

Membership may only be transferred to the OGSA

  1. The OGSA recognizes any individual authorized by a member school to represent the member at meetings. The authorized representative may exercise on behalf of the member institution all the powers of that institution.
  2. Membership in the Corporation is terminated when
  • a member resigns their membership in accordance with the by-laws,
  • the members resolve to terminate a membership in accordance with this by-law, or
  • the Corporation is liquidated and dissolved under the Act


The complete membership policy can be found here and for more information, please send your inquiries to

Membership Associations

The member associations of the OGSA are listed below with links to the respective association website

Waterloo GSA

Guelph GSA

Trent GSA

Laurier GSA

McMaster GSA

Athabasca GSA