About the OGSA

Mission: The OGSA strives to work collaboratively, informed by the voices of graduate students residing in Ontario, to advocate for policy and system change to support the continued improvement of the graduate student experience in the Province of Ontario. This mission is accomplished through:

  • The development of collaborative partnerships in the area of post-secondary education;
  • The initiation of solution-focused research on issues affecting the graduate student experience in Ontario, including those related to increasing the affordability, quality, and accessibility of post-secondary education, and develop robust policy which addresses these challenges;
  • Meeting with and lobbying political representatives in order to affect policy around post-secondary education in Ontario;
  • Facilitating a shared framework within which graduate students are encouraged – through purposeful and solution based dialogue – to participate in the development of a collective voice to drive the work of the OGSA;
  • Enhancing knowledge development and mobilization to simultaneously influence and educate the opinions of stakeholders at all levels, including those of Ontarians and the provincial government

Vision: The OGSA will advocate and support graduate students residing in Ontario to have access to an enriching, affordable and quality graduate student experience.

Values: The OGSA believes in and is guided by the following values:

  • Member Driven – The business of the OGSA is driven entirely by its member associations and ultimately, by the graduate students of Ontario who are members of these associations.  This means that all research, knowledge mobilization and policy development undertaken as well as communications to the government and deliverables are all reflective of the interests of the OGSA membership.
  • Research and Knowledge Mobilization – An important priority for the OGSA is the transfer of research and knowledge into communities, institutions and ultimately policy, in order to enhance existing knowledge and to seek solutions to problems
  • Solution Focus – When engaging in policy development and advocacy, the OGSA focuses on providing well-researched and educated solutions which focus the continued improvement of the graduate student experience in Ontario
  • Community and Collaboration – The OGSA provides an inclusive forum where every voice is respected and valued. We collaborate wherever possible with the knowledge that this adds strength and depth to our advocacy efforts.
  • Transparency – The OGSA strives for full disclosure with member associations and graduate students of Ontario with the goal of ensuring members’ capacity to monitor the performance of the OGSA