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Board of Directors Elected at Annual General Meeting

For immediate release – August 15, 2016

Peterborough:  On Monday 2 August 2016 the Ontario Graduate Students’ Alliance (OGSA) held their 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Peterborough at Trent University, where members of the organization elected the Board of Directors for 2016-17.  The newly elected positions are:


Robert Bruce - President of the Graduate Student Association - University of Waterloo

Steve Green - Vice-President - Athabasca University

Fawn Turner - Secretary - University of Guelph

Max Salman – Treasurer - University of Waterloo


Lucia Lee – McMaster

Laura Thursby – Trent

Samantha Deeming - Wilfrid Laurier

Sarah Vollmer – University of Ontario Institute of Technology

At the AGM, the membership, which includes representatives from the Athabasca GSA, Guelph GSA, Laurier GSA, McMaster GSA, Trent GSA, UOIT GSC, and the Waterloo GSA, reflected upon the tremendous success of the past Board of Directors as well as taking a minute to acknowledge the 4-year commitment of their Past-President and friend, Michael Makahnouk. In reflecting in his time with the OGSA, Makahnouk said that it was an honour to lead the organization and wished the next Board of Directors continued success.

Following his appointment at the AGM, President Robert Bruce thanked the 2015-16 Board of Directors for their commitment to enhancing the graduate student experience, stating that “their leadership will be an inspiration for all of OGSA’s newly elected directors”. President Bruce also congratulated the 2016-17 Board of Directors, expressing that “to be elected here today identifies an opportunity to improve the lives of graduate students, not only within each of their respective constituencies represented within the organization, but for all graduate students from across the province”. He also noted that “this newly elected Board of Directors looks to follow the leadership of our predecessors by building upon their past success, establishing new relationships with our community and government partners, and by continuing to advocate for a better graduate student experience throughout the Post-Secondary Education sector in Ontario. He finished by saying that “we hope that our commitment to academic, professional, and personal development can inspire those around us to act in the best interest of graduate students so that we can create the strongest PSE model in Canada; one that can rival that of the best in the world”.


For More Information:

Robert P. Bruce, President, OGSA

About the OGSA - The OGSA strives to work collaboratively, informed by the voices of graduate students residing in Ontario, to advocate for policy and system change to support the continued improvement of the graduate student experience in the Province of Ontario.

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